About Us


SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC based in Texas USA, is an international provider of innovative On-Line and Off-Line services for the Petroleum, Energy and Power industries.

Our services deliver immediate energy savings and increased production, by improving the efficiency and the sustainability of process equipment.

Our Services include:

  • On-Line dry chemical cleaning of fin fans air coolers

    On-Line dry chemical cleaning of fin fans air coolers: dry cleaning of air coolers – induced and forced draft – during normal operating conditions. There is no need to shut down the equipment. No scaffolding required, no damage to fins, no confined space entry, and no water involved (no water treatment).

    • No heavy equipment or heavy lifting, no toxic materials involved -this cleaning process is environment friendly.


  • On-Line dry chemical cleaning of furnaces and boilers

    On-Line dry chemical cleaning of furnaces and boilers: dry cleaning both radiant and convection sections during normal operating conditions. Cleaning all boiler parts – furnace, economizer, super heater without shutting down the equipment.

    • No scaffolding required, no damage to metallurgy or refractory, no confined space entry.
    • No water involved, no heavy equipment nor heavy lifting, no toxic materials involved.


  • Acoustic Emission Testing

    Acoustic Emission Testing: Inspection performed during normal operating conditions of the equipment: pressure vessels, storage tanks, towers, reactors, above ground and underground piping, all sizes. Inspection can be performed for non-metal equipment – concrete, composite and polymer vessels or piping.

    • Absolute identification of flaws and defects: corrosion development, cracking (micro-cracks), holes, deformation, etc.


  • Vapor phase chemical cleaning

    Chemical cleaning of refinery heavy oil units (for example: Vacuum, Topping, FCC, Visbreaker, Coker, Platrormer/Reformer, Hydrocracker/Hydrotreater, etc..) – by injection of concentrated chemicals to low/medium pressure steam. This cleaning process produces little amount of effluent, short in time (12 hours), very effective and cost-efficient. Can be applied on towers, vessels, tanks, pipes, exchangers, reactors, flare lines, draining lines, bottoms, overhead systems, etc.


  • Fuel Additives

    Specifically designed for coal or diesel operated steam boilers. Pre-combustion chemical injection brings to reduced slagging (fouling), reduced corrosion, increased thermal efficiency of the boiler, energy saving.


  • High Emissivity and Corrosion-Resistant Ceramic Coatings

    Ceramic coating for radiant section tubes, refractory, boiler tubes economizer), and more. Increases thermal efficiency, resistance for corrosion and reduces scale buildup.

  • Dry Robotic Cleaning of solar panels in photovoltaic power stations

    Water-less effective robotic cleaning of solar panels; Plug & Play solution, Robot is self-managed, portable and covers up to 1MW @ 5 hrs. 




Areas and Geography of Operation

SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC performs projects in refineries, petrochemical plants and power plants in North and South Americas (Canada, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Honduras, Bolivia), Middle East, Asia (India, China, Russia, Malaysia), Australia, and more.


ISO Certification 

SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC is certified for:

  • ISO 9001-2008 (Quality)
  • ISO 14001-2004 (Environment)
  • ISO 18001-2007 (Safety)


HSE Certification

  • ISNetworld
  • DISA
  • OSHA (USA)
  • NSAP (National Association of Safety Professionals)
  • CLC (Contractors Safety Council)
  • OSCA (Occupational Safety Councils of America)
  • SWLA (Southwest Louisiana Safety Council)
  • OSSA (Oil Sands Safety Association)


Solid Track Record

SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC is an approved vendor for large and small domestic and international refining groups, and enjoys repeat orders from all of the clients, which are usually annual or bi-annual orders.

We, at SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC are very keen to work with refining and petrochemical groups, to provide services in our field of expertise in safe and professional manners that would satisfy client’s needs and its high standards in HSE.

Additional technical information (for example: presentations, MSDS, method statements, safety programs, safe work plans, certificates and other documents), References and Testimonials can be provided upon request.



Corporate Information

Established:  2013

Headcount: 30 employees, permanent and temporary

Texas Headquarters: 6725 Fairmont Pkwy #1120, Pasadena, TX 77505, USA

California office: 2372 Morse Ave, Suite 200, Irvine CA 92614, USA



TM Information

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