ON-LINE Dry Chemical Cleaning of Steam Boilers

“On-The-Run” Dry Chemical Cleaning

SENTRO TECHNOLOGIES USA, LLC specializes in steam boilers dry chemical cleaning during normal operating conditions.

There is no need to shut down the equipment, production continues normally.

Cleaning process applied on external tube surface of the boiler – radiant and convection tubes (fire side).


A Process of Chemistry & Physics

Cleaning is done by combination of mechanical effect and chemical effect – simultaneously.

The mechanical effect is non-aggressive abrasion over the tube surface, without damaging the surface, fins, or refractory.

The chemical effect is a neutralization reaction between alkaline SENTROMAX chemicals and the acidic scale, hot spots (usually sulfuric) and fouling deposits.

This innovative dry cleaning process is safe, environmental-friendly and cost effective.


We anticipate that the SENTROMAX On-Line Dry Chemical Cleaning of steam boilers will deliver the following benefits and results:

  1. Cleaning is performed On-Line during normal operating conditions of the unit, there is no need to shut it down.
  2. Removal of scale and fouling from external tube surface, Radiant and Convection tubes, thereby increasing thermal efficiency (heat transfer). As a result, reducing operating energy consumption and increasing production rate.
  3. No Scaffolding required.
  4. No water, no water-treatment.
  5. No dry-Ice (no thermal shock to tubes, especially to cast iron tube-supports)
  6. No foam or soap (no caustic stress corrosion cracking)
  7. No clean-up or disposal requirements
  8. No harmful chemicals (no negative environmental impact)
  9. No damage to tubes, fins, refractory, instrumentation.
  10. No confined space entry


Major Benefits

  •  Immediate increase of boiler thermal efficiency
  •  Immediate increase of throughput / production
  •  Energy saving by reduced fuel consumption
  •  Reduced emission / pollution
  •  Reduce flue gas temperature profile of the boiler 
  •  Pre-shut down activity – saves time and costs
  •  Saves maintenance activities (such as: scaffolding, sand blasting, water blasting etc..)

TOTAL THERMAL EFFICIENCY of the boiler can be increased by 2-10%


Our On-Line Cleaning Process is SAFE and Environmental Friendly:

  • Developed over years of R&D and field  experience
  •  Chemicals are Non-toxic, Non-hazardous, Non-corrosive, Non-poisonous, Non-flammable, Non-explosive, Non-transport regulated
  • No damage to metallurgy, refractory, and instrumentation
  • Chemicals completely decompound in high temperature
  • Chemicals are compatible with all types of boiler metallurgy

Photo Gallery

Typical view of internal wall through the boiler peep-hole



“Air-Screen” or “Air Curtain” system, to create local negative pressure near the window when the boiler is operated under positive pressure. 




Fouled boiler tubes (outside the boiler)



SENTRO On-Line dry chemical cleaning in action



Cleaning results 

Before: slagging on and between the tubes     After: no slagging





SENTROMAX dry chemicals are non-hazmat, non-toxic, not regulated for transport  



SENTRO setup near the furnace: Equipment, Chemicals, Air Compressor and Hoses – our footprint is small.