SENTRO APR Tube Inspection – Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry Inspection System for heat exchanger tubes

Main traditional methods for heat exchanger tubes inspection are:

  • EddyCurrent (electromagnetic test),
  • VIDEO SCOPE (optics), and
  • IRIS (ultrasonic)

Our SENTRO APR tube inspection can REPLACE the traditional EddyCurrent method, and provide you with the following advantages:

1. Much faster, it requires only 10 seconds per tube
2. Does not require to insert a prob or detector into the tube
3. Can see U-bends, twisted, spiral wound tubes that all other methods can not see
4. Already found ID defects that EddyCurrent didn’t find
5. Does not require to fill the tube with water
6. Digitalizes the tube sheet plate and numerates the tubes, so can’t skip a tube or do the same tube twice
7. Less expensive than EddyCurrent or IRIS
8. Requires the same cleanliness level as EddyCurrent

9. Applicable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, graphite and plastics
10. Complies with ASTM E2906/E2906M-13 and with ASME/ASNT ASME BPVC.V-2017 – Article 18

Identifying ID defect signatures:

holes/cracks, wall loss, pitting/erosion, blockages

holes/cracks: Min. diameter 0.5mm;

blockages: Min. 5% of cross-section;

erosion: Min. 10% of wall thickness;

pitting: Min. 10% of wall thickness


Applicable for:

tube&shell heat exchangers, and fin fans air coolers – up to 4″ ID


Presentation and flyer to download:



SENTRO SAPRI - Brochure 2019