Ceramic Coatings for High-Emissivity and Corrosion-Resistance

The SENTROCOAT line of water-based high emissivity coatings are blackbody formulations designed to significantly improve the thermal efficiency of radiant section tubes of furnaces, heaters and boilers in the Oil & Gas industries.

Fuel Additives for Coal-Operated Boilers in Power Plants

Our method is injecting SENTROJET product directly on the coal belt (pre-combustion) or directly into the combustion chamber or the flue gas stream (post-combustion) to produce chemical reactions to oxidize, neutralize and convert residues from combustion which would otherwise increase fouling, corrosion and air pollution.

ON-LINE Acoustic Emission Inspection

Vessels, Tanks, Piping, Towers, Reactors, Constructions.

ON-LINE Dry Chemical Cleaning of ‘fin-fan’ Air Coolers

Forced and Induced draft

ON-LINE Dry Chemical Cleaning of Furnaces, Heaters, Boilers

Radiant and Convection sections

Vapor Phase Chemical Cleaning (Injecting chemicals + steam)

Chemical injected Into steam. Continuous injection of fresh chemical. Continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon levels.