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An international provider of innovative On-Line and Off-Line services for the Petroleum, Energy, and Power industries.
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SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC is based in Texas and California, USA. Our services deliver immediate energy savings and increased production output by improving the thermal efficiency and the operational sustainability of critical process equipment.

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Solid Track Record

SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC is an approved vendor for large and small international refining groups, and consistently receives repeat orders from our clients; these are typically annual or bi-annual requests.

SENTRO Technologies USA, LLC only employs the most professional individuals and is devoted to providing superior services for refining and petrochemical groups. We maintain an exceptional record that satisfies the strictest client standards and Health, Safety, and Environmental regulations.

References and Testimonials and additional technical information (such as presentations, SDS, method statements, safety programs, safe work plans, certificates, and other documents) can be provided upon request.

Corporate Information& Key Facts

Solid Track Record
  • Innovative Solutions & Services: International provider of various services for the Petroleum, Energy and Power industries, these include:
    • On-Line Services (on-the-run, during normal operating conditions)
    • Off-Line services (during an outage or shut/down)
    • Established: 2013
    • Head Office: Texas, USA
    • Headcount: 30 permanent, temporary, and contractors
    • Main Regions of Operation: USA, Canada, Middle East, South America

Our Key Differentiators

Major Benefits

On-Line Dry Chemical Cleaning of Furnaces and Boilers: dry cleaning of the radiant section, convection section, economizer, super-heater, air pre-heater, and other parts of the furnace or boiler. Cleaning performed during normal operating conditions, with no need to shut down the equipment.


On-Line Dry Chemical Cleaning of Fin Fans Air Coolers: dry cleaning of all types of air coolers – “A” type, induced draft and forced draft. Cleaning performed On-Line during normal operating conditions. There is no need to shut down the equipment.

SENTROJET – Fuel Additives

Specifically designed for coal, diesel, or heavy-fuels operated steam boilers. Additives can be added pre-combustion or post-combustion, and immediately reduce slagging or fouling, reduce corrosion rate, and increase the thermal efficiency of the boiler – leading to immediate energy saving.

Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR)

Ultra-fast, non-invasive sound-based ID inspection of heat exchanger tubes up to 4” size, to replace EddyCurrent.

SENTROKLIN – Vapor Phase Chemical Cleaning

Chemical cleaning for heavy oil units performed by injection of concentrated chemicals into low or medium-pressure steam. This is a very effective and cost-efficient cleaning process that can be applied to towers, vessels, tanks, pipes, heat exchangers, reactors, flare lines, draining systems, bottom or overhead systems, for example, Crude, Vacuum, Topping, FCC, Visbreaker, Coker, Platformer/Reformer, Hydrocracker/Hydro-treater, etc.

Acoustic Emission Testing

Inspection and testing performed On-Line during normal operating conditions of the equipment.



South stack temperature decreased by 55 degrees.


All scale and hot spots have been removed. The thermal efficiency of the heater has also been increased.


Fuel consumption is decreased by 5.9%.

P66, CA (air coolers)

You all done an excellent job on all of the fin fans. It was done safety and in a timely manner. Temp. drop on all of the fin fans. Appreciate all of you all work.

Marathon, OH (air coolers)

Everything has went well. They'll be finishing up shortly. If we want Al and the crew back tomorrow to hit a couple of more fans…

Nexen, Canada (air coolers)

The test was a success and we would like to schedule you in to clean another 70 Fans.

CHS, KS (air coolers)

After the cleaning - outlet temperature reduced by 77-86F (25-30C) and vacuum significantly increased.

Delek, TX (furnaces)

Fuel gas control valve opening dropped about a 3%; Fuel gas consumption dropped about 2000 scfh

Island Energy, HI (furnaces)

Fuel consumption is decreased by 5.9% ; South stack temp. is decreased by 55 degrees

FHR, TX (furnaces)

The results were immediate and measurable online; we saw a stack reduction of 50 degrees; The annuitized financial impact exceeded expectations.

Shell, TX (furnaces)

Below it looks like we dropped 70 degrees after the cleaning. That’s huge! This will allow us to run