JACOB’s Sniffer 430 Leak Detection

The Sniffer430 is a high-performance leak detection system based on tracer-gas technology, using a “tracer-gas” which is a mixture of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen for accurate detection.

The Sniffer430 system is the most responsive and accurate system currently available on the market. It is capable of accurately locating leaks up to a depth of 10 feet in soil, and it can detect leaks beneath tile or wood flooring, or inside walls.

SNIFFER 430 Device

The system can detect leaks in pipes made from various materials, including PVC, steel, or copper, and can inspect different types of systems with varying volumes, such as water, oil, or fuel systems.

With its precise leak detection capabilities, the Sniffer430 significantly reduces the risk of incorrect excavations and costly damage.

SNIFFER 430 Hydrogen Sensor

You are welcome to watch our videos showcasing the Sniffer430 in action:

SNIFFER 430 System kit
SNIFFER 430 Device Software

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