ON-LINE Dry Chemical Cleaning of Furnaces,
Heaters, & Boilers

On-Line (in-process) dry chemical cleaning of heater and boiler tubes (external fire-side of the tube), through non-hazmat SENTROMAXTM dry chemicals, for both radiant and convection sections in furnaces, as well as furnace, superheater and economizer in boilers.

  •  Conducted “on-the-run” during normal operating conditions with no loss of production
  • Flexible scheduling for the cleaning – limited equipment access required
  • Immediate measurable results and benefits – visible operational improvements while undergoing cleaning process:
  • ✔  Stack temperature reduced
  • ✔  Fuel consumption reduced
  • ✔  Production rate increased

 No damage to tubes, refractory, or instrumentation

  • No negative impact on SCR or other NOx reduction systems  
  • Mechanical and chemical cleaning occur simultaneously, as compared to dry ice or walnut blasting that act mechanically and are low effective methods
  • Little or no scaffolding is required – typical access from existing platforms
  • No cleanup required – non-hazmat SENTROMAXTM chemical decomposes into gas and exits heater in flue gas
  • Green Solution – No negative environmental impact
  • No confined space entry
  • Significantly increased accuracy of IR thermographic readings of tubes skin temperature  

All SENTRO’s cleaning and inspection systems are the result of practical applications combined with continuous research and development.