ON-LINE Dry Chemical Cleaning of Steam Boilers

“On-The-Run” Dry Chemical Cleaning

​​SENTRO TECHNOLOGIES USA, LLC specializes in furnaces and heaters dry chemical cleaning during normal operating conditions.

There is no need to shut down the equipment, production continues normally.

The cleaning process applied on the external tube surface of both radiant and convection tubes (fireside).

We also dry-clean air preheating system, economizer, and other types of process equipment.

A Process of Chemistry & Physics

Cleaning is done by a combination of mechanical effect and chemical effect – simultaneously.

The mechanical effect is non-aggressive abrasion over the tube surface, without damaging the surface, fins, or refractory.

The chemical effect is a neutralization reaction between alkaline SENTROMAX™ chemicals and the acidic scale, hot spots (usually sulfuric), and fouling deposits.

This innovative dry-cleaning process is safe, environmental-friendly, and cost-effective.