Increased Production


SENTROFIN™ On-Line Dry Chemical Cleaning of ‘fin-fan’ Air Coolers deliver the following benefits and results:

  1. Cleaning is performed On-Line during normal operating conditions of the unit, there is no need to shut it down.
  2. Removal of scale and fouling from the external tube surface, forced and induced type coolers, thereby increasing thermal efficiency (heat transfer). As a result, reducing process outlet temperature, increasing production rate, and in case of variable speed motors reducing operating energy consumption (fan power).
  3. No Scaffolding required.
  4. No water, no water treatment.
  5. No dry-Ice (no thermal shock to tubes and fins, especially to aluminum or copper fins)
  6. No foam or soap (no caustic stress corrosion cracking)
  7. No clean-up or disposal requirements
  8. No harmful chemicals (no negative environmental impact)
  9. No damage to tubes, fins, electrical motors, instrumentation.
  10. No confined space entry

Major Benefits:

  • Immediate increase of air coolers thermal efficiency
  • Immediate increase of throughput/production
  • Energy-saving by reduced fan power (in variable speed motors)
  • Reduce temperature profile of the furnace or boiler (cell, bridge wall, stack)
  • Pre-shut down activity – saves time and costs
  • Saves maintenance activities (such as scaffolding, water high-pressure blasting, etc.)

Our On-Line Cleaning Process is Safe and Environmentally Friendly

  • Developed over years of R&D and field experience
  • Chemicals are Non-toxic, Non-hazardous, Non-corrosive, Non-poisonous, Non-flammable, Non-explosive, Non-transport regulated
  • No damage to metallurgy, electrical motors, and instrumentation
  • Chemicals completely dispersed, appear like steam
  • Chemicals are compatible with all types of air coolers metallurgy